Margit Koemeda-Lutz

Is there Healing Power in Rage? (PDF-E-Book)

The relative contribution of cognition, affect and movement to psychotherapeutic processes

Cover Is there Healing Power in Rage? (PDF-E-Book)



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Erschienen im März 2006

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The question of what people need in order to change is still open to debate. The paper reviews evidence for when cognitive clarification and insight needs to be accompanied by emotional arousal, containment and / or expression and how motor activity facilitates experiential and / or behavioral change. A ficticious case is presented in order to illustrate different approaches for a first session. The paper reviews some neurobiological findings on the interactive modulation of unconscious and conscious levels of experiencing and behavior. A pilot study is reported in which the induction of hyperventilation and two bioenergetic exercises were examined with respect to their relative potency to facilitate psychosomatic change.