Garry Cockburn

«Seeing what is so simply present” (PDF-E-Book)

Learning To Be A Bioenergetic Therapist

Cover «Seeing what is so simply present” (PDF-E-Book)



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Erschienen im Februar 2013

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Lowen’s ability to see the body was preternatural. His ability «to see what is so simply present” and to explain the whole personality in terms of the body has been an inspiration for all. Like Lowen, gifted first generation Bioenergetic therapists have generously passed on their knowledge to us. As time passes, so does the opportunity to learn from those who were personally influenced by Lowen. This raises issues of how new students of Bioenergetics can learn and keep the tradition alive. This article discusses these issues and provides a structured way of helping students learn some of the basic skills in becoming a Bioenergetic therapist. This approach draws on the training and therapeutic experiences of the author who was privileged to be trained by many of the first generation Bioenergetic therapists. A Workbook is attached to the article, which operationalizes some of the basic skills involved in becoming a Bioenergetic therapist and helps students «to see what is so simply present”.