Rezension zu Zeitlose Erfahrung

Gestalt Review, 2017, Vol. 21(3): 274-275

Rezension von Michael C. Fisher

Lesen Sie hier Ausschnitte aus der Rezension zur englischen Originalausgabe »Timeless Experience«:

»Collected for the first time, readers are hereby granted access to an inner world of poems and problems, efforts to grasp and desires to see. Put grandly – also appropriately – this volume presents an artist at work. Cast in vivid light, ›Timeless Experience‹ contains what its well-chosen title conveys.«

»Being new to L. Perls writings myself, I appreciated the backstory but grew hungry for the main meal. The meat of ›Timeless Experience‹ comes in the eleven chapters that follow Perls Journal entries, poems, letters, and occasional short stories chronologically.«

»Inarticulacy felt is not the same as inarticulacy rendered. It is painful to sense the pregnancy in many moments, not to mention the full-throttled power in nature, and to feel the bruise of inadequacy. Yet L. Perls is a model in that she did write, often through her fear of incompletion. In this light, her collected notebooks are a triumph, as elucidating as primary source material as they are rewarding as poetry and prose.«

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