Rezension zu Rache

The Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association. 2010 58. 175-178

Rezension von Dr. Marion Oliner

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»They have visited Ruanda after the genocide and have studied the effects of the hostility against foreigners in their own country as well the effects of extreme traumatization. In addition, their work with couples has confronted them with the same ubiquitous motto »don’t get mad, get even«. The book is divided into three major topics: 1. Vengeance and its causes. 2. Acts of revenge. 3. Renunciation of the recourse to revenge.
In the first section the authors state as their goal to describe the general mechanisms of revenge, omitting therefore the differences that exist in its specific manifestations. Instead they aim at elaborating clearly the patterns by means of descriptions of tragic phenomena in politics, in groups, and in extreme situations such as persecution or genocide. These are made more vivid and accessible by the illustrations the authors provide of familiar situations and day to day relationships.«

»The book is an important contribution for the understanding of revenge whereever it manifests itself: on the playground, in the relationships of couples, in sexuality, the reaction to the Holocaust, and many more contemporary problems, unfortunately too numerous to mention. In addition it addresses the toll it takes on the therapist who takes on the task of helping those embroiled in the spiral of revenge. I hope that this brief review does justice to its rich content«.

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