Heide Otten, Günther Bergmann, Donald E. Nease, Jr. (Eds.)

The Student, the Patient and the Illness

Ascona Balint Award Essays 2017

Cover The Student, the Patient and the Illness

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207 Seiten, Broschur, 148 x 210 mm

ISBN-13: 978-3-8379-2751-1, Bestell-Nr.: 2751

The essays for the Ascona Balint Award give a deep impression of the students’ experiences, reflections and conclusions. And they show an insight into medical education in different countries.

“I learnt the importance of practicing patient-centred medicine – of avoiding the tendency to reduce people to numbers and trends, and treating them as people with individual experiences of illness.“
Elizabeth Hamilton

“One of my insights about that time was that my weakness of identification with the patient’s experience that made my experiences as intense as they were, was probably one of my strongest characteristics as a ‘nearly physician’.“
Nuphar Vinegrad

“I’m proud to be a part of this profession and I’m proud to have been a part of George’s care. He taught me that as a future physician I may be able to cure some people but as person I can care for all of them.“
Michael Watson

With contributions by Katrina Bell, Yohay Bloom, Kirsten Carlaw, Gaylan Dascanio, Ashabilan Ebrahim, Andrea Gipperich, Elizabeth Hamilton, George Huntington, Jessica Ly, Eleesheva Mayo, Michal Rotem-Green, Rebecca M. Shulman, Dominik Stosik, Georges Tinawi, Nuphar Vinegrad, Michael Watson, Kirsty Whitmore, Sarah Woolgar and Cecilia Xu


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Meeting Margaery
Elizabeth Hamilton

From Regression to Progression
A Medical Journey towards a Professional Identity
Nuphar Vinegrad

Michael Watson

The Perfect Baby ...
Katrina Bell

Dancing with Mrs. P.
Yohay Bloom

My Greatest Help Was Nameless
Kirsten Carlaw

Mr. Burns
Gaylan Dascanio

Chance Meetings
Ashabilan Ebrahim

Andrea Gipperich

What Do You Do When It All Goes Wrong?
George Huntington

Chaos & Death
Jessica Ly

Insights into Growing Up as an Aboriginal Child in Australia
Eleesheva Mayo

All the Beautiful Things
Michal Rotem-Green

Acquiring Clinical Modesty
Rebecca M. Shulman

sulcus est inter medicos animi et cerebri
Dominik Stosik

Diabetes, the Drink and $39
The Stories of Patient X, Y and Z
Georges Tinawi

The Approaching Storm
Kirsty Whitmore

Lessons Learned from a Patient in Disbelief
Sarah Woolgar

Befriending Mary
Cecilia Xu

Ascona Prize for Students 2019