Marco Conci, Wolfgang Mertens (Hg.)

Psychoanalyse im 20. Jahrhundert

Freuds Nachfolger und ihr Beitrag zur modernen Psychoanalyse

Cover Psychoanalyse im 20. Jahrhundert

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Erschienen im Mai 2016

ISBN-13: 978-3-1702-8428-9, Bestell-Nr.: 106782

Klappentext (Kohlhammer ):

Twelve experts pay tribute in this volume to the most important theoretical contributions made by Freud=s successors and their lasting contributions to psychoanalytic practice and theory development. Their discoveries provide the foundations for a pluralistic psychoanalysis in which the empirical experience and expertise of these outstanding personalities is still influential even in psychotherapeutic treatments today. The biographies that are sketched out not only throw light on the history of psychoanalysis in the various countries but also clarify how closely these figures= lives and work were often connected.


Dr. Marco Conci is a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst (DPG, SPI, IPA) in private practice in Munich. Emeritus Professor Wolfgang Mertens was formerly Professor of Psychoanalysis and Psychodynamic Research at the University of Munich and has been a practising psychoanalyst for more than 35 years.


Analyse / Psychoanalyse; Psychoanalyse - Psychoanalytiker; Psychotherapie - Psychotherapeut; Psychotherapie / Psychoanalyse; Therapie / Psychotherapie