Judith B. Rosenberger (Hg.)

Relational Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations

Cover Relational Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations

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Social work and relational theory have long been clinical comrades, given their shared goals and ideals. This close fit continues to be productive as client populations and their needs grow more diverse. Clinical Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations sorts through vital matters of race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion and social status--and addresses groups and issues often seen in practice but rarely encountered in print--with a profound understanding of the healing power of relational-based treatment. Case examples illustrate all stages of social work process, offering practice guidelines for working with members of diverse groups while emphasizing the uniqueness of every therapeutic dyad. The coverage recognizes the multiple relationships that comprise individuals' lives as well as the individuality that co-exists within group identity. And the contributors carefully show readers how to check themselves for biases and us-versus-them thinking and how to develop confidence along with clinical skills. Included in this first-of-its-kind text: · Practice technique and research support for relational therapy. · Whiteness: Deconstruction of a practice paradox. · Racial and ethnic diversity, including African American, Latino, Asian American, and Asian Indian clients. · Religious diversity: evangelical Christians, Muslim, and Orthodox Jewish clients. · Diversity of sexual identity: LGBT clients.· Diversity of life-altering experiences: combat veterans, reentry from incarceration, homelessness. · Plus: background chapters providing a framework for applying relational theory to social work. Bridging the knowledge gaps between the diversity literature and the practical literature, Relational Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations supplies clinical social work professionals, educators, and counselors with tools and concepts for effective, efficient practice.


Dr. Rosenberger is a Professor at the Hunter College School of Social Work, where she chaired the Human Behavior area and Post Master's Program in Clinical Social Work for many years. She teaches clinical theory and practice and has practiced in public and private mental health care for over 25 years. She has post-doctoral education in psychoanalysis, clinical supervision and contemporary theory.


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I. Introduction.- Relational Therapy: Constructivist Research Principles that Guide Diversity Practice.- The Color of Whiteness and the Paradox of Diversity.- Relational Social Work and Religious Diversity.- II. Racial and Ethnic Diversities.- A Relational Approach to Clinical Practice with African American Clients.- Relational Social Work Practice with Hispanic Clients.- Relational Social Work Practice with Asian American Populations.- Co-Creating Culture through Relationship with Individuals of Asian Indian Origin.- III. Religious Diversities.-Relational Social Work Practice with Evangelical Christian Clients.- Clinical Social Work Practice with Muslim Clients: A Relational Approach.- Clinical Social Work with Orthodox Jews: A Relational Approach.-IV. Diversities of Sexual Identity.- Working Relationally with LGBT Clients in Clinical Practice: Client and Clinician in Context.- V. Diversities Founded on Life-Altering Experience.- Relational Social Work Practice with Combat Veterans.- Social Work Practice with Reentry from Incarceration.- Relational Theoretical Foundations and Clinical Practice Methods with People.- Experiencing Homelessness.