Michael Robertson, R. Scott Stuart

Interpersonal Psychotherapy. A Clinician's Guide

A Clinician's Guide

Cover Interpersonal Psychotherapy. A Clinician's Guide

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Klappentext (Taylor & Francis Ltd.):

'This book provides a very useful and thought provoking account of a developing form of Interpersonal Psychotherapy and gives a clear guide for practising clinicians.'
Psychological Medicine

'The authors have put forth a splendid text that fulfils their goals of providing an explicit guide to the conduct of IPT, and helping therapists better understand their patients'
Archives of Women's Health

First published in 2003, this ground-breaking text firmly established itself as a touchstone for all therapists using interpersonal psychotherapy (IPT). Thoroughly updated and revised with a wealth of new material and evidence for the second edition, this book continues to be comprehensive manual for experienced therapists and those undergoing specific IPT training.

Key features and benefits:
* A wealth of clinically-based descriptions and vignettes help bring the theory to life
* Numerous case studies highlight the key issues in IPT
* Reproducible diagrams and flowcharts for use by therapists and their patients
* Comprehensive coverage of key theoretical issues and an up-to-date critical appraisal of IPT research

New for the second edition
* Extended coverage of the clinical adaptation of IPT to post-traumatic mental health and other new applications of IPT
* More on depression and common problems encountered in IPT
* Coverage of training and dissemination
* How to manage joint sessions and integrate techniques from other approaches and models

With its clear concise text and numerous clinical cases, examples and vignettes, Interpersonal Psychotherapy: a clinician's guide is the international standard for the clinical trainee seeking an introduction to IPT as well as for instructors of psychiatry residents, psychology interns and graduate students, as well as social work students. It is an accessible reference for other mental health providers and primary care practitioners.


Scott Stuart MD Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology, University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA Michael Robertson FRANZCP Director of the Mayo Wesley Centre for Mental Health, Taree, New South Wales, Australia


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SECTION 1: Introduction / Chapter 1. Introduction / Chapter 2. IPT Theory and Clinical Applications / SECTION 2: Initial Sessions / Chapter 3. The Structure of IPT / Chapter 4. Assessment and Patient Selection / Attachment / Chapter 5. The Interpersonal Inventory / Chapter 6. The Interpersonal Formulation / Chapter 7. The Treatment Contract / SECTION 3: IPT Techniques / Introduction / Chapter 8. Clarification / Chapter 9. Communication Analysis / Chapter 10. Interpersonal Incidents / Chapter 11. Use of Affect / Chapter 12. Role Playing / Chapter 13. Problem Solving / Chapter 14. Homework / Chapter 15. Use of Therapeutic Relationship / SECTION 4: Problem Areas / Chapter 16. Interpersonal Disputes / Chapter 17. Role Transitions / Chapter 18. Grief and Loss / SECTION 5 Concluding IPT / Chapter 20. Concluding Acute Treatment and Mainten / SECTION 6 Additional Aspects of IPT / Chapter 21. Research in IPT / Chapter 22. IPT: An Integrated Case / Appendices: / A) Patient Information Guide / B)