Mario Gollwitzer, Georges Steffgen (Hg.)

Emotions and Aggressive Behavior

Cover Emotions and Aggressive Behavior

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Understanding the relationship between emotions and aggressive behavior is crucial for finding solutions for efficient control, prevention, and reduction of aggression, as well as being of theoretical relevance. In this state-of-the-art book, leading experts from social, personality, developmental, and physiological psychology describe assessment and treatment approaches, as well as theoretical concepts and research findings.


Aggression - Aggressivität; Aggressivität ( Aggression ); Emotionspsychologie; Entwicklungspsychologie; Pädagogik / Pädagogische Psychologie; Pädagogische Psychologie; Psychologie / Emotionspsychologie; Psychologie / Entwicklung; Psychologie / Pädagogische Psychologie


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Preface; List of Contributors; Part 1: Historiography of Research on Aggression and Emotion; 1. Historiography of Research on Aggression and Emotion and Their Intersection in the Last Quarter of the 20th Century: Bibliometric Analyses of Psychological Research in German-Speaking and Anglo-American Research Gabriel Schui and Gunter Krampen; Part 2: Emotion-Based Motives and Measures of Aggression; 2. Emotion-Based Aggression Motives Leo Montada; 3. Implicit and Explicit Measures for Analyzing the Aggression of Computer Gamers Matthias Bluemke and Joerg Zumbach; Part 3: Anger and Aggression; 4. Angry Emotions and Aggressive Behaviors Roy F. Baumeister and Brad J. Bushman; 5. The Functional Neuroanatomy of Anger and Aggression Sylvia Richter, Kirsten Jordan, and Torsten Wustenberg; 6. Does Anger Treatment Reduce Aggressive Behavior? Georges Steffgen and Jan Pfetsch; 7. How Affective is Revenge? Emotional Processes Involved in Vengeful Reactions to Experienced Injustice Mario Gollwitzer; Part 4: Emotions and Aggression in Intergroup Contexts; 8. Intergroup Aggression and Emotions: A Framework and First Data Ulrich Wagner and Oliver Christ; 9. Emotions in Negative Intergroup Relations: An Affective Route to Outgroup Derogation Kerstin Schutte and Thomas Kessler; Part 5: Emotions and Aggression in a Developmental Perspective; 10. Tight Bonds or Loose Associations? Crossroads of Emotion, Social Integration, and Aggression In Early Adolescence Angela Ittel; 11. Moral Emotions and Aggressive Behavior in Childhood Tina Malti; 12. Emotion, Aggression, and the Meaning of Prevention in Early Childhood Florian Juen, Doris Peham, Barbara Juen, and Cord Benecke; 13. Preschool Prevention of Emotional-Social Disorders and Aggressive Behavior Johannes Bach.