Thomas H. Ollendick, Ronald J. Prinz (Hg.)

Advances in Clinical Child Psychology

Cover Advances in Clinical Child Psychology

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This volume of Advances in Clinical Child Psychology is the third under our editorship and the seventeenth of the series. It continues the tradition of examining a broad range of topics and issues related to the study and treatment of child and adolescent behavior problems. Over the years, the series has served to identify important and exciting new developments in the field and provide scholarly review of current thought and practices. In the openingchapter, Cichetti, Toth, and Lynch examine attachment theory and its implications for psychopathology. They provide exacting commentary on the status of the construct of attachment and its potential role in the development of diverse psychopathologies. Similarly, Richards explores the impact of infant cognitive psychophysiology and its role in normal and abnormal development in the second chapter. Both of these chapters address issues of risk for subsequent psychopathology and are deeply embedded in developmental theory. In Chapter 3/ Nottelmann and Jensen tackle the important issue of comorbidity in psychiatric diagnosis from a developmental perspective.


Klinische Psychologie; Psychologie / Klinische Psychologie; Psychologie / Kognitionspsychologie


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Bowlby's Dream Comes Full Circle: The Application of Attachment Theory to Risk and Psychopathology; D. Cicchetti, et al. Infant Cognitive Psychophysiology: Normal Development and Implications for Abnormal Development Outcomes; J.E. Richards. Comorbidity of Disorders in Children and Adolescents: Developmental Perspectives; E.D. Nottelmann, P.S. Jensen. Social Withdrawal in Childhood: Conceptual and Empirical Perspectives; S.L. Stewart, R.J. Coplan. Disability and Facilitated Communication: A Critique; A. Hudson. The Psychological Sequelae of Child Sexual Abuse; V.V. Wolfe, J.A. Birt. Stimulant Medications and the Treatment of Children with ADHD; J.M Swanson, et al. Toward Construct Validity in the Childhood Disruptive Behavior Disorders: Classification and Diagnosis in DSMIV and Beyond; I.D. Waldman, et al. Play Psychotherapy Research: State of the Science; S.W. Russ. Index.