Lee Baer, Mark A. Blais (Hg.)

Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health

Cover Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health

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Psychiatric clinicians should use rating scales and questionnaires often, for they not only facilitate targeted diagnoses and treatment; they also facilitate links to empirical literature and systematize the entire process of management. Clinically oriented and highly practical, the Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health is an ideal tool for the busy psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, family physician, or social worker. In this ground-breaking text, leading researchers provide reviews of the most commonly used outcome and screening measures for the major psychiatric diagnoses and treatment scenarios. The full range of psychiatric disorders are covered in brief but thorough chapters, each of which provides a concise review of measurement issues related to the relevant condition, along with recommendations on which dimensions to measure - and when. The Handbook also includes ready-to-photocopy versions of the most popular, valid, and reliable scales and checklists, along with scoring keys and links to websites containing on-line versions. Moreover, the Handbook describes well known, structured, diagnostic interviews and the specialized training requirements for each. It also includes details of popular psychological tests (such as neuropsychological, personality, and projective tests), along with practical guidelines on when to request psychological testing, how to discuss the case with the assessment consultant and how to integrate information from the final testing report into treatment.

Focused and immensely useful, the Handbook of Clinical Rating Scales and Assessment in Psychiatry and Mental Health is an invaluable resource for all clinicians who care for patients with psychiatric disorders.


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Preface Lee Baer, Mark Blais Table of all Rating Scales Contained in this Handbook Chapter 1: Understanding Rating Scales and Rating Instruments - Mark Blais, Lee Baer Chapter 2: Rating Scales for Depression - Cristina Cusin, Huaiyu Yang, Albert Yeun, Maurizio Fava Chapter 3: Rating Scales for Anxiety Disorders - Luana Marques, Anne Chosak, Naomi M. Simon, Dieu-My Phan, Sabine Wilhelm, Mark Pollack Chapter 4: Rating Scales for Bipolar Disorder - Roy H. Perlis Chapter 5: Rating Scales for Alcohol and Nicotine Addictions - Julie Yeterian, Gladys Pachas, Eden Evins, John Kelly Chapter 6: Screening for personality disorders in Psychiatric Settings: Four recently developed screening measures - Caleb J. Siefert Chapter 7: Clinical Ratings Scales and Assessment in Eating Disorders - Jennifer L. Derenne, Christina W. Baker, Sherrie S. Delinsky, Anne E. Becker Chapter 8: The use of rating scales to measure outcomes in child psychiatry and mental health - J. Michael Murphy, Michael S. Jellinek, Gwyne W. White Chapter 9: Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - Laura E. Knouse, Steven Safren Chapter 10: Rating Scales in Schizophrenia - Jennifer D. Gottlieb, Xiaoduo Fan, Donald C. Goff. Chapter 11: Brief Rating Scales for the Assessment of Cognitive and Neuropsychological Status - Matthew R. Baity Chapter 12: Rating Scales in Psychotherapy Practice: Rationale and Practical Applications - Jesse Owen, Zac Imel Chapter 13: Assessing the Ongoing Psychological Impact of Terrorism - Samuel J. Sinclair, Alice LoCicero Chapter 14: The Comprehensive Psychological Assessment - Steven R. Smith, Jessica A. Little, Lisa A. Nowinski, Sara J. Walker Chapter 15: The Role of Outcomes Assessment in Clinical Quality Improvement Ilse R. Wiechers, Anthony Weiss