Christopher Sweetapple (ed.)

The Queer Intersectional in Contemporary Germany (PDF-E-Book)

Essays on Racism, Capitalism and Sexual Politics

Cover The Queer Intersectional in Contemporary Germany (PDF-E-Book)



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Buchreihe: Angewandte Sexualwissenschaft (ISSN: 2367-2420)

Verlag: Psychosozial-Verlag

208 Seiten, PDF-E-Book

1. English edition 2018

Erschienen im September 2018

ISBN-13: 978-3-8379-7444-7, Bestell-Nr.: 7444

Anti-racist and queer politics have tentatively converged in the activist agendas, organizing strategies and political discourses of the radical left all over the world. Pejoratively dismissed as »identity politics«, the significance of this cross-pollination of theorizing and political solidarities has yet to be fully countenanced. Even less well understood, coalitions of anti-racist and queer activisms in western Europe have fashioned durable organizations and creative interventions to combat regnant anti-Muslim and anti-migrant racism within mainstream gay and lesbian culture and institutions, just as the latter consolidates and capitalizes on their uneven inclusions into national and international orders. The essays in this volume represent a small snapshot of writers working at this point of convergence between anti-racist and queer politics and scholarship from the context of Germany. Translated for the first time into English, these four writers and texts provide a compelling introduction to what the introductory essay calls »a Berlin chapter of the Queer Intersectional«, that is, an international justice movement conducted in the key of academic analysis and political speech which takes inspiration from and seeks to synthesize the fruitful concoction of anti-racist, queer, feminist and anti-capitalist traditions, movements and theories.

With contributions by Judith Butler, Zülfukar Çetin, Sabine Hark, Daniel Hendrickson, Heinz-Jürgen-Voß, Salih Alexander Wolter and Koray Yılmaz-Günay


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Feminist German Studies, 36.2

Rezension von Tiarra Cooper

»As a German contribution to the ›queer intersectional,‹ Sweetapple’s collection is indespensable. His commissioned, collected, and personally conducted translations render vital queer scholarship accessible to the English-speaking world. (...) Few antiracist, queer German-language scholars are known in the United States; thus this volume provides an invaluable service…«

German Studies Review 43/2, 2020

Rezension von Pinar Tuzcu

»›The Queer Intersectional in Contemporary Germany: Essays on Racism, Capitalism and Sexual Politics‹ presents an intimate dialog between antiracist and queer politics with regard to Germany’s current political and cultural debates. The book explores the leftist strategies in a radical fashion by challenging the political discourses that claim that the identity politics-oriented movements slowed down, if not damaged, the anticapitalist struggle in Germany. Departing from this critique, and drawing on political experiences and anecdotes, it impressively provides strong arguments that advocate, if it is rightly understood and not seen as a threat, that identity politics not only can contribute to the anticapitalist struggle but also can become a progressive driving force…«

Siegessäule, Oktober 2018

Rezension von Clarence Haynes

»Just as the German-speaking left sometimes falls behind in international political discussions, Berliners who don/'t speak the language often miss out on crucial developments in local and national current affairs. A collection of recent essays newly translated into English aims to bridge that gap, with contributions by Judith Butler, Züfulkar Cetin and other academic voices…« [mehr]