Ralf Vogt

»Beseelbare« Therapy Objects

Psychoanalytic interactional approach in a body- and trauma-oriented Psychotherapy

Cover »Beseelbare« Therapy Objects

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Aus dem Deutschen von Anni Pott

Ralf Vogt presents a new form of body therapy which may be applied as individual and as group psychotherapy. The core of his original concept are »›beseelbare‹ objects«. With the help of such objects, typical conflict situations may be performed and problem-specific solutions may be playfully tested. The objects used to that end – for example a cuddly cave into which the patient may crawl – were specifically designed for psychotherapeutic work by the author. In particular, in connection with the work with traumatized patients and with psychosomatically disordered patients, these »›beseelbare‹ therapy objects« are an important aid to get access to any blocked or buried affects of the patients. The author describes his method of work with vivid case examples.