Jörn W. Scheer

Crossing Borders - Going Places

Personal Constructions of Otherness

Cover Crossing Borders - Going Places

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Buchreihe: Forschung Psychosozial

Verlag: Psychosozial-Verlag

192 Seiten, Broschur, 148 x 210 mm

Erschienen im Juli 2003

ISBN-13: 978-3-8980-6296-1, Bestell-Nr.: 296

The Psychology of Personal Constructs, developed by George A. Kelly (1905-1967), stressed the importance of the meanings that individuals attach to persons and events in the world surrounding them. Consequently it has been branded as an ›individualistic‹ theory neglecting the social nature of the Human Condition. However, in a Personal Construct Psychology view, the notion of The Other includes members of a wider community, of cultural groups, and even members of other nations. In this book, scholars from several countries write about issues of cross-cultural relevance, such as international travel, the importance of language, the unification and dissolution of states, migration to a new country, and what all this means for the definition, maintenance and development of the individual’s identity.

Some of the papers have been published before but are out of print or difficult to access. Included is Kelly’s famous paper on ›Europe’s Matrix of Decision‹ that has not been available for a number of years.