Vita Heinrich-Clauer (Ed.)

Handbook Bioenergetic Analysis

Cover Handbook Bioenergetic Analysis

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This book is a selection of articles from Bioenergetic Analysis, that range from classical studies written in the Eighties (following Lowen) up to current theoretical contributions and case studies. The more recent articles connect the concepts of relational psychoanalysis with the findings from emotion and infant research, attachment theory as well as neurobiology. The integration of implicit knowing and the importance for including the body in the therapy process is evident in these articles.

The articles demonstrate the broad spectrum of the prevailing concepts and profound therapeutic modalities of Bioenergetic Analysis. Case studies illustrate the concepts and provide practical relevance.

Central themes of the book are: the Self in relation with others, sexuality and love, trauma, psychosomatics as well as the conceptual discussion of the therapeutic process. Studies on effectiveness of Bioenergetic Analysis and body psychotherapy in general complete the spectrum.


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English Editor’s Note

Acknowledgment (German version)



Foundations of Bioenergetic Analysis
Philip M. Helfaer

What Is Bioenergetic Analysis?
Alexander Lowen

Part I · The Self in Relation to Others

Jörg Clauer

The Self: Its Functions, its Attachments and its Interactions
Guy Tonella

Cephalic Shock as a Somatic Link to the False Self Personality
Robert A. Lewis

Shame in the Light of Sex and Self-Respect
Philip M. Helfaer

Affective Relationships and Bodily Processes
Gabriella Buti Zaccagnini

Therapists as a Resonance Body. Which Strings come into Action?
Vita Heinrich-Clauer

Body, Relationship and Transference
The Three Dimensions of Bioenergetic Analysis
Violaine de Clerck

Part II · Working with Sexual Issues – Sexuality and Love

Elaine Tuccillo

Working with Sexual Transference
Virginia Wink Hilton

Women’s Abdomens: Route to Their Sexuality
Michèle Dupuy-Godin

Healing the Sexual Split between Tenderness and Aggression
Bennett Shapiro

Treatment History of a Man with Impotence
Elizabeth C. Murray

Part III · Working with Trauma Issues – Restoring the Soul-Body-Mind Unity

Divna Peric-Todorovic

Living on Shifting Sands: Grounding and Borderline Personality Organization
Scott Baum

Human Trauma
Robert Lewis

Case Study of a Survivor of Political Torture
Maryanna Eckberg

“… allowing the body to continue to heal itself”
David Berceli in a talk with Vita Heinrich-Clauer and Arist von Schlippe

Perseus’ Mirror or The Therapeutic Resources of Flow and Peak
Unfreezing The Body in Shock and Panic
Josette van Luytelaar

Part IV · Treatment of Psychosomatic Disorders in Bioenergetic Analysis

Ulrich Sollmann

Embodied Comprehension: Treatment of Psychosomatic Disorders in Bioenergetic Analysis
Jörg Clauer

A Valiant Woman
Carol Bandini

Symptoms and Diseases of the Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Tracts
John M. Bellis

Part V · Conceptual Integration of Research Results

Vita Heinrich-Clauer

Psychobiology of Affects
Implications for a Somatic Psychotherapy
Helen Resneck-Sannes

Catharsis and Self-Regulation Revisited
Scientific and Clinical Considerations
Angela Klopstech

The Relative Contribution of Cognition, Affect and Motor Behavior in Psychotherapeutic Processes
Empathy and Interaction as Healing Factors
Margit Koemeda-Lutz

Part VI · Scientific Evaluation of Bioenergetic Analysis

Christa D. Ventling

Efficacy of Bioenergetic Psychotherapy with Patients of known ICD–10 Diagnosis
A Retrospective Evaluation
Christa D. Ventling, Herbert Bertschi and Urs Gerhard

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Body Psychotherapy in Outpatient Settings (EEBP) 513
A Multi-Centre Study in Germany and Switzerland
Margit Koemeda-Lutz, Martin Kaschke, Dirk Revenstorf, Thomas Scherrmann, Halko Weiss und Ulrich Soeder