Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, Christine Dunbar

One Hundred Years of Psychoanalysis

A Timeline: 1900-2000

Cover One Hundred Years of Psychoanalysis

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Verlag: Caversham Productions

Erschienen im Januar 2009

ISBN-13: 978-0-9812-9220-5, Bestell-Nr.: 60000

Inside this sleeve you will find a timeline of the history of psychoanalysis from 1900 through 2000. A timeline is a condensation and an abbreviation. It requires principles of inclusion and exclusion, prioritization and organization of information. Both a history and a historiography are presented in it, textually and graphically.

Any timeline has an educational purpose, too, and the purpose of this one is to allow you to see on one ten-panel page: when and where psychoanalysis began; who contributed to it and who left its ranks; where it flourished and where world events overtook it; how it has grown in complexity and controversy. This is an aerial map, which we hope will inspire you to land on this fascinating territory and, with your overview in hand, get to know its monument close-up.