Joanna Ellen Bettmann, Donna Demetri Friedman (Hg.)

Attachment-Based Clinical Work with Children and Adolescents

Cover Attachment-Based Clinical Work with Children and Adolescents

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Attachment-Based Social Work with Children and Adolescents is a wide-ranging look at attachment theory and research, its application to youth populations, and its natural fit with the social work profession. This book covers the applicability of attachment theory to the profession's various domains that include human behavior, practice, policy, research, and social work education. In particular, it addresses the broad spectrum of clinical social work, including practice in a variety of public and private settings and with a number of diverse populations. The book highlights the contribution of the social work profession to the development of attachment theory and research.


Joanna Bettmann is an Associate Professor and MSW Program Director at the University of Utah College of Social Work. Her primary research focuses on attachment relationships in a range of populations.


Entwicklungspsychologie; Politik / Sozialpolitik; Psychologie / Entwicklung; Psychologie / Kinder, Jugendliche; Sozialarbeit; Sozialpolitik; Soziologie; Soziologie / Familie, Jugend, Alter; Wirtschaftspolitik


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Introduction.-I. ATTACHMENT THEORY AND RESEARCH WITH CHILDREN.-Observing development: A comparative view of attachment theory and separation-individuation theory.-Securing attachment: Mother-infant research informs attachment-based clinical practice.-Using modern attachment theory to guide clinical assessments of early attachment relationships. II. ATTACHMENT-BASED CLINICAL WORK WITH CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS.- Becoming baby watchers: An attachment-based video intervention in a community mental health center.-Trauma focused child-parent psychotherapy in a community pediatric clinic: A cross-disciplinary collaboration.-he essential role of the body in the parent-infant relationship: Non-verbal analysis of attachment.-Gems hidden in plain sight: Peer-play psychotherapy nourishes relationships and growth across developmental domains among young children,-The impact of intervention points of entry on attachment-based processes of therapeutic change with prepubertal children.-Attachment processes in wilderness therapy settings.-III. BUILDING CAPACITY FOR ATTACHMENT-BASED CLINICAL WORK.-From out of sight, out of mind to in-sight and in mind: Enhancing reflective capacities in a group attachment-based intervention.-Implementing attachment theory in the child welfare system: Clinical implications and organizational considerations.