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Handbook of Family Resilience

Cover Handbook of Family Resilience

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Resilience is a topic that is currently receiving increased attention. In general, resilience refers to the capacity of those who, even under the most stressful circumstances, are able to cope, to rebound, and to go on and thrive. Resilient families are able to regain their balance following crises that arise as a function of either nature or nurture, and to continue to encourage and support their members as they deal with the necessary requirements for accommodation, adaptation and, ultimately, healthy survival. Handbook of Family Resilience provides a broad body of knowledge regarding the traits and patterns found to characterize resilient individuals and well-functioning families, including those with diverse structures, various ethnic backgrounds and a variety of non-traditional forms. This Handbook brings together a variety of perspectives aimed at understanding and helping to facilitate resilience in families relative to a full range of challenges.


Dorothy Becvar is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist with 30 years of experience in both academia and private practice. Dorothy is a former Editor of Contemporary Family Therapy: An International Journal. She has published extensively and in addition to many journal articles and book chapters is the author of the books Families that Flourish: Facilitating Resilience in Clinical Practice (Norton, 2007), In the Presence of Grief: Helping Family Members Resolve Death, Dying and Bereavement Issues (Guilford Press, 2001) and Soul Healing: A Spiritual Orientation in Counseling and Therapy (Basic Books, 1997) as well as the editor of the book The Family, Spirituality and Social Work (Haworth, 1997). With her husband, Raphael J. Becvar, she has co-authored four books: Family Therapy: A Systemic Integration (Allyn & Bacon, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009), Pragmatics of Human Relationships (Geist & Russell, 1998), Hot Chocolate for a Cold Winter's Night: Essays for Relationship Development (Love Publishing, 1994), and Systems Theory and Family Therapy: A Primer (University Press of America, 1982, 1999). And she is co-editor, with William Nichols, Mary Anne Pace-Nichols and Augustus Napier, of the Handbook of Family Development and Intervention (Wiley, 2000).


Beratung; Consulting; Entwicklungspsychologie; Gesundheit (Medizin); Psychologie / Entwicklung; Rat; Soziologie; Soziologie / Familie, Jugend, Alter


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RESILIENCE IN GENERAL.-Roads to Understanding Family Resilience:  1920s to the 21st Century.- Operationalizing Family Resilience as Process:  Proposed Methodological Strategies.-The Ramifications for Clinical Practice of a Focus on Family Resilience.- Facilitating Family Resilience in Clinical Practice.- Community-Based Practice Applications of a Family Resilience Framework.-RESILIENCE AND FAMILIES.-Resilience Relative to Step Families.-Resilience in Military Marriages Experiencing Deployment.-Family Resilience and Parenting.-Family Resilience and At-Risk Youth.-Family Resilience in the Context of High Risk Situations.-RESILIENCE AND ETHNICITY.-Resilience in Ethnic Family Systems:  A Relational Theory for Research and Practice.-Native American Family Resilience.-Familias Fuertes: Family Resilience Among Latinos.-Resilience in Black Families.-Resilience Relative to Korean Families.-RESILIENCE, LOSS, AND GRIEF.-Family Resilience in the Wake of Loss:  A Meaning-Oriented Contribution.-Resilience as Tolerance for Ambiguity.-Bereavement in the Face of Perinatal Loss: A Hardiness Perspective.-Family Resilience Relative to Parental Death.-Resilience in Aging:  Moving through Challenge to Wisdom.-RESILIENCE AND ABILITY.-Family Resilience Relative to Children with Severe Disabilities.-Nurturing Family Resilience in  Response to Chronic Illness:  An Integrative.-Approach to Health and Growth Promotion.-Enhancing Resilience in Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.-Family Resilience Relative to Mental Health Challenges.-Strengthening Family Resilience through Spiritual and Religious Resources.-RESILIENCE, TRAUMA, AND ABUSE.- Family and Community Resilience Relative to the Experience of Mass Trauma: Connectedness to Family and Culture of Origin as the Core Components of Healing.-Resilience Despite Risk:  Understanding African American ACOAs' Kin and Fictive Kin Relationships.-Fostering Resilience in Daughters of Battered Women.-Family Resilience and Sexuality.-The Community as Family: Resilience in Older Women Religious Sexually Abused as Children.